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What is Parkour?



Parkour is a natural based movement practice, with the aim to set foundations of basic strength and skill development, alongside health and fitness benefits. Using the outdoor environment and a positive perspective, we can take control of our bodies and the space it occupies. Parkour was born in the mid 80's in France. Since officially becoming a Sport in early 2017 and gaining recognition from all five UK sports councils it continues to blossom. This is all thanks to the growing community, our coaches who have been teaching for over 10 years and the hard work lead by the national governing body (NGB) Parkour UK. Movements and techniques such as jumping, vaulting & climbing are common within the practice and has become evermore popular. It is important that our students understand risk benefits for safe and effective practice of the discipline, in order to reduce possibility of injury and increase self awareness. The physical literacy developments and community engagement within the practice, are our own personal key values to successful athletic and communal growth. Group cohesiveness is important for Parkour, in order to promote problem solving skills within a team building atmosphere.

What is Parkour Syllabus?


Parkour Syllabus currently facilitate educational classes with Qualified Coaches and are currently in development of their young awards program. It is to be a standard of achievement, set to maintain quality practice under qualified instruction for Parkour in Glasgow. The goal of the awards program is to provide a grading system, with the aim to produce safe and educated practitioners of our recently recognised Sport. Those who hold the awards will have exclusive access to a wide variety of additional resources and content.

Who are Parkour Syllabus?


Parkour Syllabus was created by founder and Level 2 A.D.A.P.T Parkour coach Scott Houston. He has an extensive background studying a wide range of sports, disciplines and movement practices. He continues to work closely with many other coaches within their fields, to create the awards program, developing Parkour with over 15 years experience himself. Since 2010 we remain working closely with many educational sectors, communities and performing arts companies. Our Parkour coaches are qualified under the NGB and are some of the most experienced practitioners, having coached both nationally and internationally. Most of their experience is from teaching Parkour in Glasgow.


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