Scott Houston

Using what I have experienced and studied in Gymnastics, Martial arts, Performing Arts, Sports Coaching and life experience, it all comes down to how open we are to new ideas. Allowing for new information to assist constant development. The benefits included in my practice are orientated around:


Establishing a new and essential movement language with your students, allowing room for interpretation and self-discovery is desired. Guiding the students with content that they can relate to is important. This is why basic human function is addressed in a manner that the overall group can understand.


It is important to ask questions, to which there are many answers rather than singular. The use of presenting Movement Riddles provokes thoughts for the students to calculate a result, before physically engaging with the result in mind. It is then up to them to see if they can perform the calculation and reflect on end.


In the arts you are often given content to work with for expanding, using a variety of concepts and methods for sake of further creation and expansion. The result is the growth made by the student from the original seed planted before them. I share a variety of methods that contribute a student's physical development, whilst, directly linking with being creative & Problem Solving.


When teaching a new group, it is important for them to understand risk. This is addressed by walking the students through a 360-degree approach to bearing weight and an introduction to joint care, used to reveal ranging levels of vulnerability they may not at first have been aware of. Whilst it is difficult to predict what can go wrong, there are many methods to help prepare for the future. This is then encouraged and applied when dealing with the use of equipment and outdoor spaces.



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